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Energy Illinois is the premiere consulting firm in deregulation. We pride ourselves to be the best in customer service, and treating all of our customers the same whether you are our smallest or biggest customer. Energy Illinois takes its reputation very seriously, and our first goal is to always help our customers succeed!



Energy Illinois  negotiates the very best prices, and keeps a standard mill/commission rate where other companies add their commission rate after pricing to meet their quotas.


Acting like a professional is important to our customers/employees and ourselves. Unlike other firms, we do not change our commission rates unbeknownst to our own agents to fatten our own wallet.


When you have a good strategy, and act like professionals to your customers/employees. We will then find a group of people who are loyal to one another.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

# 1 –  Energy Firm
# 1 –  Energy Deregulation
# 1 –  Gas Deregulation
# 1 –  Customer Satisfaction
# 1 –  Business Pricing


Thanks to our Customers you make our job FUN!!


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